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:: 12/12/2012 ::
Where Am I? An AIR-based Android Geolocation Example
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Happy Holidays from Flexination, Airination blogs, U Saw It Enterprises, AIR Development Services, LLC, and my son, Clark, his Mom, and me. For my readers, here's a simple example of a geolocation-mapping, Android application written with Flash Builder 4.6 as a mobile AIR project.


Here's the source code via the fxp (inside the zipped archive) - WhereAmI.fxp (as

Here's some screen shots:

UPDATE (2/18/2013): I've updated this Android app to detect offline/online connectivity (mobile or WIFI connectivity) and respond accordingly. While offline, the GPS longitude, latitude, and altitude are inserted into a SQLite database as well as in a log file - both of which are stored on the phone. During mobile or WIFI connectivity, the archived and live GPS data are emailed to me once every 30 minutes. I compiled the app to include the AIR runtime, and by leveraging an AutoRun program from the Google Playstore, my app runs automatically on powerup or reboot. This, in effect, allows me to track the GPS location of my phone should it ever be lost or stolen.

SQLite DB:
Where Am I SQLite png

Where Am I Log png

Where Am I Email png

For more information, feel free to contact me: support(at)flexination(dot)info (NOTE: it's not [dot]com).